Friday, July 3, 2009

Paris Day One (May 26, 2009)

After landing in Paris, we went to the RER ticket desk to find that we would be treated to a very Parisian experience: the mini strike. The ticket sellers for the RER were on a one-day strike and evryone was having to use the ticket machines. But I had no idea how to use the machines (and it seemed many French folks were equally clueless. So the RER workers (below in the blue hats)helped me buy our tickets using the machines. That way they didn't violate the strike and we could get our tired selves on to our hotel.

Here I try to explain the situation to students:

We took a 30-minute RER train ride to the center of town. There I bought our Metro tickets and we were off to our hotel. I was really proud of how well almost (I'm talking about you, Zidane)everyone followed the advice I'd given regarding how much luggage to bring. Everyone was able to navigate the trains carrying their own bags.

The brasserie near the hotel was a logical location for lunch

Eryc, Karla, and Anna get a window seat with a view of the street:

Learning a new currency, the euro:

It was just too damp and chilly to eat outside.
The Jennings are all in love and Paris just has an effect on a happy couple:
The Jennings are joined at an inside table by Robin, Elaina, and Zidana:

Our Hotel was the Holiday Inn at 92 rue Vaugirard in Paris' 6th arrondissement:

Elaina and Erynn taking photos in the hotel lobby while waiting for their room keys:

Once in the room, it's hard not to crash.

And then we went on a cold and drizzly walk around the center of town:

The bridges:

The Louvre Pyramid:
The Louvre Courtyard:
The exterior of the Louvre: The Arcades on the rue de Rivoli:

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