Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Your Writing Assignments

Everyone will write a "Paris Journal" which is due completed on June 3. This should be a pleasure for you and greatly enhance the entire experience of the trip. It will also provide you with a wonderful souvenir of your time in Paris.
If you are bringing a laptop, you will have more options for when and how to do your writing for the class. It would be very kind of those with laptops to allow a fellow student or two to use their laptops, but I understand if a computer-owner feels the need keep his/her laptop private.
You should make at least one entry in your Paris Journal each day. Strive for 1000 words a day. The absolute minimum is 500 words a day. Here are three different ways to keep your journal. Please choose one manner of journaling and stay with it. Don't hand in some on a disk and some on paper. It should all be in one format at the end of the trip. Here are three ways to do it:
1. Make your own blog of the trip. Using Bolgspot is so easy a professor can do it! ;) You can type in your journal entries and upload your photos. The best part of using a blog for your journal is that your friends and family can follow you along on the trip. Connect the blog to your Facebook or MySpace page. Of course, to do this you would need access to a computer while in Paris.
2. Email your journal entries to me while in Paris. I'll save them and give you credit for your work. Of course, you can also send each entry to friends and family while you're emailing them to me.
3. The old fashioned way: write your journal on paper and hand the whole thing to me at the end of the trip.
Each journal entry should respond to any or all of these prompts:
What did you learn today that you did not know? (It could be something about history, art, culture, or yourself.)
What did your time in Paris today make you think about that you have never thought about before?
Has something you saw, heard, did today led you in the direction of changing your mind about something?
What was an emotional experience for you today?

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