Wednesday, March 4, 2009

What You Will Learn

The purpose of this Living Literature Study Away in Paris is to give students an opportunity to experience the City of Lights as the intellectual capital of Europe. Students will learn to live in Paris: how to move around the city using its amazingly efficient Metro system, how to find good local food and drink, how to interact with the Parisians, and how to appreciate the easy pace of life in Paris. The goal is to live more as visitors who come to share the experiences of the Parisians than as tourists who come to see famous sights. Obviously, we'll need to read the literature (or at least some of it) to get to know the city. Scroll down this blog to see what we will read.

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Tina said...

Have you heard about Peterman's Eye Travel? J. Peterman wrote about Paris today and I thought I'd share....his community is a wonderful place for curious minds!